A coastal sea flood management system

Mirmidon has been created as part of the project LITTOCMS, financed by FEDER European funds.

Le software MIRMIDON a été créé dans le cadre du projet LITTOCMS financé par les fonds européens FEDER

Run Mirmidon Stable version


Connect to various versions of MIRMIDON

The Run version is hosted at HPC@LR which provides an intermediate High Performance Computing environment. This version is suitable for demonstrations.

The Testing and Unstable versions are hosted both at Géosciences Montpellier and OSU OREME on a small cluster. They are dedicated to the development of the Mirmidon solution.

End-to-end accurate real time alert system
for decision makers

  • New

    New workflow for modeling surge of ocean level and embankments damage

  • End-to-end

    End-to-end coupling coastal model and nearshore/flooding models

  • High-resolution computation grids

    High-resolution computation grids for precise numerical modeling

  • User-friendly interface

    Full integration of middleware and standards for user-friendly interfaces

  • New Analytics methods

    New Analytics methods for quick assessment of flooding situations

  • Portable &

    Porting and performance/scalability optimization of models

  • High Performance Computing

    Systematic use of High Performance Computing (HPC)

Research & Development goals

Computer Sciences

  • To calculate as fast as possible with nested coastal models
  • To develop strategies for the pre-computation of coastal scenarios
  • To store, use and re-use calculated scenarios as efficiently as possible
  • To develop mathematics for the analysis of large sets of spatialized numerical results concerning extreme forcings (storms & crisis!)
Computer Sciences
Coastal Sciences

Coastal Sciences

  • To compute full 3D hydrodynamics from the deep water to the flood plain coupling wave, wind and regional circulation forcings
  • To calculate an exact solution of the water level to the shoreline